BackUp Tool, aka but

by Elie De Brauwer


but is discontinued due to lack of time

but v0.3 is released may 11th 2004, thanks to a new developer Ciprian Motricala Get it here

but v0.2 is released december 3rd 2002!

but v0.0.1 is released december 1st 2002! v0.1.1 contains a small date bugfix!.

but v0.1 is released november 12th 2002!

What is but?

but is a small Perl script that makes creating periodical backups of certains directory's easy, but was made to be run by cron. But creates a tar of a directory/project, compares the md5sum of that tar with the latest backup made, if there is a mismatch the new backup is added.

How to but

Download the archive, extract it edit the configfile called but.conf


That's all there is to it, you can find the path to tar by typing whereis tar and the path to md5sum by typing whereis md5sum at your shell.
Logfile is the place where but can store it's logfile, all communication happens thru this file, if something goes wrong and but doesn't give any output consult this file for errors.
Backupdir is the place where but may store is backups, this directory is used for temporary archives (in a subdirectory tmpbut which is created and removed during the execution progress).
Project consits of two fields, the first field is the projectname and is also the name of the subdirectory created in the backupdir directory, the second field is the path to the project.
If you want to recieve e-mail reports put your e-mail behind SENDMAIL= if you do not wish to recieve e-mail reports simply put 'no' there. (SENDMAIL=no).
Set the exludepath to a directory you don't want included in your archives.
Please note that everything is case sensitive!
Please note that if you plan to run but from cron, you need to edit and put the absolute path of the config file in it, not the relative path that stands there by default.

What's new

In but v3.0 there is now a possibility to send status e-mail and an exclude filelist can be used.

License is available under the terms of the GNU General Public license, by downloading/using this script you agree to the terms of this license which can be found at


You can send all your feedback, questions, suggestions, bugreports,... to your feedback will be greatly appreciated. For more information about the author visit:
Ciprian Motricala can be reached at links Valid XHTML 1.0!

Last updated May 17th 2004.